In accordance with Resolution No. 20-03-358 of the Miami County Commissioners, the Recorder’s Office is closed to the public.

Documents will still be accepted for recording via e-Recording and mail (including Fed Ex and UPS).  A drop box is also available and is located at the Safety Building Security check point. 

Documents and geographical indexes are available through an internet search tool.  Documents may also be obtained by e-mailing  Please click on the links below for additional information regarding remote search options.

Press Release- COVID-19 Health Emergency

Remote Searching Options- COVID-19

Geographical Indexes- Additional Search Instructions- updated 4.8.2020

Laredo Anywhere

Laredo Anywhere is now available.  This app works in conjunction with a user’s Laredo account and can be accessed through any browser, including cell phones and tablets.  This app also provides a central location to manage multiple county log-ins.  Please visit for more information on Laredo Anywhere.

  Notice of Laredo Upgrade

An upgrade to Laredo is now available for existing Laredo account users.  In order to access documents remotely after January 14, 2020, you must download the system upgrade.  Please visit  If you have difficulty downloading the program, please call Fidlar Technologies Customer Support at 800-747-4600.

**If you do not already have an existing Laredo account, please contact the Recorder’s Office at 937-440-6040 or to establish a Laredo account.  Recorder’s Office staff will assign a username and password and provide you with download instructions.  

Veteran ID Cards 

Veteran ID cards can be obtained through the Miami County Recorder’s Office. Veteran ID cards can be used to obtain discounts and benefits at participating retail establishments. The cost to obtain a card is $1.00.

Due to the closures of Miami County Buildings, Veteran ID card services are not available at this time.

Property Fraud Alert Services

The FBI reports that property and mortgage fraud is one of the fastest growing white collar crimes in America. In an effort to combat the effects of this type of fraud, the Recorder’s Office now offers a notification system for all Miami County property owners.