History of the Miami County Jail

Jail 1The first jail was a large double-hewed log building. One end of the jail was for the jailer and the other end was for the jail.  The courtroom for the county was located upstairs.  Pictured at left is the Staunton Township Jail which was the county seat prior to Troy earning that designation. 




In 1841 the building that once housed Bob’s Shop and the Flash Restaurant in the city of Troy was built as a court house and jail.  The cost for construction of the court house and jail was $13,500.00.

Jail 2In 1854 a new jail was built on the northeast corner of West Main Street and Plum Street in the city of Troy.  The sheriff’s residence was located in the front of the building.  The jail and the offices for the probate judge were located in the rear of the building.   

This new jail was considered  one of the most secure jails in the state of Ohio and was used for federal prisoners until the new jail in Montgomery County was built.


Jail 4In 1972 the jail and sheriff’s office was demolished to make way for the construction of Jail 3a three story jail and sheriff’s office at the corner of Plum and Water Streets.

During construction prisoners were housed at the old City of Piqua jail. The blocks in the two fountains in the plaza between the courthouse and safety building are from the 1854 jail.