Crash Reconstruction

The Miami County Sheriff’s Office Crash Team consists of three team members at this time. All three have been through the crash reconstruction courses along with other specialized training. They have investigated the following types of crashes: automobile, commercial truck, farm equipment, all terrain vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrian.

The team investigates serious injury and fatal motor vehicle crashes within Miami County. They average 20 to 25 investigations yearly and also assist other agencies. 

Crash Reconstruction is a process that determines pre-impact, impact, post impact and area of impact circumstances from physical evidence at the scene. Examination of the scene is made and measurements (Forensic Mapping) are taken of the scene utilizing a Sokkia Total Station. All evidence at the scene is photographed and analyzed to assist in determining the cause of the crash. 

Forensic Mapping is conducted by using the Total Station and storing the information on a data collector. The data is then downloaded into a PC and imported into crash software and diagramming programs to produce scale drawings of the scene. This same equipment and process is used on other crime scenes the Miami County Sheriff’s Office investigates. 

Using the scale diagram, vehicle evidence and inspections, scene and roadway evidence and statements obtained from interviews are all used in reconstructing the crash. Math formulas are used to calculate the speeds of the vehicles.  

Crash Reconstruction can be very time consuming, but is an essential tool for the Miami County Sheriff’s Office. 

Team Members

  • Captain Mike Marion
  • Lieutenant Todd Tennant
  • Deputy Justin Miller
  • Deputy Bonnie McMaken