Project Lifesaver

The Miami County Sheriff's Office is proud to be able to offer the community Project Lifesaver which is an electronic tracking system capable of tracking individuals who have physical or developmental conditions which could contribute to their wandering from their residences. Some examples would include those suffering from Alzheimer's, dementia, or those who have physical or developmental disabilities. 

Project Lifesaver places personalized radio transmitters on the individual which can assist caregivers and local emergency agencies in locating them were they to wander away from their residence. Members of the Project Lifesaver team are specially trained, not only in the use of the electronic tracking equipment, but especially in the methods used to communicate with a person who has Alzheimer's or another related disorder. children and adults. Locating the individual is only part of the mission. The person who is located will most likely be disoriented, anxious, and untrusting. The Project Lifesaver team knows how to approach the person, gain their trust, and put them at ease for the trip home.

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Statistics reveal that 59% of people with Alzheimer's disease wander and become lost while 72% of them are repeat wanderers and 46% of them may die if not found within 24 hours.

The Project Lifesaver search and rescue team is comprised of trained, certified deputies of the Miami County Sheriff's Office. These deputies train on a regular basis to keep up to date with the equipment and changes in technology. If the deputies are not already working they are on call if a search and rescue is necessary.

Education and community awareness programs are a cornerstone to Project Lifesaver's success. Project Lifesaver's team members are active in presenting information to civic groups and various health care providers throughout Miami County's communities and surrounding areas.

Best of all there is NO COST for those utilizing Project Lifesaver. Funding for Project Lifesaver is a result of private and corporate donations and grants. All of the proceeds are used directly for programs, rescues, and educational expenses. While the cost is free, those wishing to make donations to Project Lifesaver to help ensure the program continues can do so by contacting Sheriff Dave Duchak at 937-440-6085.

For additional information or to sign someone up for the program please contact one of the Project Lifesaver team members listed below.

Lieutenant Randy Slusher - 937-440-6085 EXT. 7146

Deputy Jeremy Adams - 937-440-6085 EXT. 7145

Deputy Richard Manns - 937-440-6085 EXT. 7117

Deputy Justin Miller - 937-440-6085 EXT. 5319

Deputy Elizabeth McGuire - 937-440-6085 EXT. 5316

Deputy Brandon Force - 937-440-6085 EXT. 5301

Deputy Bonnie McMaken - 937-440-6085 EXT. 5317

Image of Project Lifesaver device being placed on a wrist