Crime Alerts/Crime Mapping

The Miami County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to offer interactive online crime mapping and analytics to residents and the media. The map is a valuable tool for us to communicate crime activity to residents and the media and empowers residents to better understand crime activity in their communities and neighborhoods. The map is powered by LexisNexis Community Crime Map and works with our record’s management system where it cleans, geocodes, and displays the crime data on a map, grid, and analytic dashboard. Simply type “Miami County Ohio” in the address field. Basic information about the incident is provided such as; crime type, location, block-level address, along with date and time. Residents can filter by date, time, and offense types. Data from the Miami County Sheriff’s record’s management system has been exported to the LexisNexis Community Crime Map database from January 1, 2011 to the present. The exporting of new data occurs daily after reports have been approved by supervisors. The exported data includes all offenses, crashes, and non-criminal offenses in which an incident report was completed.

The LexisNexis Community Crime Map site also allows for residents to sign-up for alerts that will automatically notify them of any incidents occurring within whatever distance from their residence they select. There is also a link to submit crime tips for each offense to the anonymous Miami County Sheriff’s Office tip line. Additionally, LexisNexis Online offers a free mobile application at the App. Store.

This is yet another promising tool to assist us in fulfilling two important policing goals of developing significant partnerships with the community through transparency and utilizing the latest in technology to aid with the timely detection and solving of crime.

Select the link below to view the map.