City of Troy Operations Center Drill on March 14, 2018

A collaborative effort between the Miami County Emergency Management Agency and the city of Troy was held last week presenting emergency preparedness information to city employees. Information was provided on the activation of the Troy Operations Center during emergencies. The presentation explained the activation, functions and personnel positions during an emergency.

The Miami County Emergency Management Agency then explained how the county could support the city of Troy (and other communities) and would work together during and after a large-scale emergency or a significant event.

Our thanks to the city of Troy on being a proactive partner in disaster planning and management.

Initial Slide
Mayor Beamish
Kenny at podium

 Miami Conservancy District Tabletop Exercise - May 23, 2017

Miami Conservancy District Tabletop Exercise

Tipp City Full Scale Exercise

When: October 10, 2016

Where: Around the BASF building

Decon Pool
Trucks for Exercise