Adoption - Recognition of Foreign

A person(s) who has adopted a child pursuant to an adoption decree or certificate of adoption issued outside the United States and recognized in this state, may request the Probate Court in the county in which the person(s) resides to order the Department of Health to register the foreign decree and to issue an Ohio birth certificate. The applicant must submit proof that the Department of Homeland Security (Immigration & Naturalization) has approved the foreign certification or adoption decree. (Proof may be by means of Certificate of Citizenship). Please contact the court at (937) 440-6050 for additional documents which may be required.


What to expect after the Court hearing:

  • Once the order to issue Foreign Birth Record is signed by the Judge, the Court will send a copy to the
    applicant(s) and/or their attorney.

To obtain a new birth certificate:

  • Contact Miami County Public Health at (937) 573-3500 OR
  • Ohio Department of Health, Special Registration at (614) 466-2531