Traffic / Criminal

Payment of Minor Traffic and Criminal citations:

  • We accept all major credit / debit cards, money orders, certified checks and cash
  • We DO NOT accept personal checks
  • Pay in person at the Clerk's office located on the Third floor of the Courthouse
  • Make payable and mail, Certified Check or Money Order to: Miami County Municipal Clerk of Courts, 215 W. Main St., Third Floor, Troy, Oh 45373
  • Credit card payments only, can be made via phone, calling (937) 440-3910
  • Credit Card Fees: the greater of $2.00 or 3% will be added to all transactions, debit card transactions can only be completed in person with a $2.00 flat fee.

Appearance Required

Misdemeanor offenses (criminal and traffic) of the first degree through fourth degree and all felony offenses require appearance for arraignment. The Ticket or Summons will indicate if appearance is required. The exception is if an attorney files an Entry of Appearance for the defendant. Most minor misdemeanors (MM) offenses can be paid without appearance.

Unclassified Misdemeanors

Effective March 1, 2014 all Unclassified Misdemeanor citations received and file stamped on or after March 1, 2014, court appearance is not required and waiver (bond) can be posted. Please view the Bond Schedule for Unclassified Misdemeanors (PDF)

These MM offenses require a court appearance:

  • Three or More Moving Violations in Twelve Months
  • School Zone Violations
  • Passing School Bus

The offenses listed below do not require a personal court appearance if this is a first or second moving violation within the last 12 months:

OffenseFine & CostsOffenseFine & Costs
Speed 1 - 20 miles over$109.00Seat belt (Driver)$85.00
Speed 21 or more miles over$119.00Seat belt (Passenger)$75.00
Construction Zone w/ Workers PresentContact CourtParking Violations$70.00
OverloadsContact CourtPUCO Violations$174.00

$109.00 Minor Misdemeanor Moving Violations:

Assured Clear DistanceSlow SpeedImproper turnTurn Signals
Operate without Reasonable ControlTraffic Control LightsStop SignMarked Lanes Violations
Following Too CloseStop at Railroad CrossingImproper PassingLeft of Center Line
One Way StreetsSlow Moving VehicleStart / BackingObstructed View
Headphones / TextingUnsafe VehicleTowing ViolationsU-turns

Failure to appear or pay the fine will subject you to warrant for arrest or a warrant block, which suspends your license and prevents renewal of your registration.

Driving Privileges:


Disclaimer: For the forms below we suggest you check with an attorney before submitting these forms.