Community Service / Restitution

The Community Service/Restitution Program is designed for youth that have been ordered by the Court or referred by the probation/prevention department either formally or informally to perform community service hours both as a consequence for their behaviors and to make amends to the community. The Restitution component allows youth the opportunity to work to earn money to reimburse victims for their financial losses. The purpose of both of these programs is to hold juveniles accountable for their actions by requiring them to participate in a work program that gives back to the community. The program promotes and models appropriate work and employment skills, responsible behaviors, teaching self-discipline, respect for the property of others, and provides group interaction. The youth are supervised by part-time and seasonal court staff persons who serve as on-site mentors for the youth. Youth are scheduled to work in their home community, whenever possible. A multitude of sites within the community are served by this program including: nursing homes, group homes, assisted living programs, schools, municipal buildings, soup kitchens, food pantries, social service programs, police and fire stations, roads and parks, and helping out with various non-profit events in the communities.

Young childs face covered by envelope
Kids making crafts