Highway Department Duties

The Highway Department undertakes many road & bridge related projects throughout the year. Among the duties performed by department staff are those listed below.


  • Road widening
  • Snow and ice control
  • Pavement resurfacing and crack sealing
  • Edgeline and centerline painting on County/Township highways
  • Roadside mowing and spraying of herbicides
  • Roadside drainage improvements
  • Road safety improvements (pavement widening, ditch setbacks, berm improvements, etc.)
  • Fabrication and erection of highway signs on County/Township roads
  • Maintenance of all highway construction equipment
  • Guardrail erection and repair
  • Response to emergency weather conditions


  • Repair and rehabilitation of bridge decks, railing, and walls
  • Replacement of bridges and culverts
  • Repair and erection of approach guardrail
  • Spot-painting on bridge structures
  • Fabrication of bridge beams, box culverts, and catch basins