Engineering Duties

The Engineering Department is actively involved in many projects and initiatives related to on-going construction, maintenance, and repair of the county highway infrastructure. Duties performed by department staff include those listed below.

  • Preparing bridge and road engineering plans and specifications for in-house construction and maintenance projects.
  • Reviewing and approving plans and specifications for contracted highway construction and maintenance projects.
  • Securing Federal and State funding sources to subsidize local road and bridge construction and maintenance projects.
  • Assisting various Miami County political subdivisions with highway and drainage projects.
  • Preparing plans for drainage improvement projects.
  • Performing traffic studies for safety improvement projects and speed studies for establishing speed limits.
  • Inspecting county-maintained bridges on an annual basis.
  • Issuing various roadway related permits.
  • Issuing address numbers within the unincorporated areas of the county.
  • Maintaining extensive ditch records on each ditch in Miami County.
  • Acting as the engineering advisor for the Trustees of the twelve Townships within Miami County.
  • Reviewing and approving construction plans for housing subdivisions and industrial sites within the unincorporated areas of the County.
  • Performing field review of proposed building sites.