Treatment Interventions

West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility maintains a strong commitment to our community and the youth we serve and as such, offer several evidence based interventions and treatment, psycho educational and academic interventions to aid the youth in our facility, in their growth and development toward a healthier lifestyle. This is done by establishing therapeutic relationships with each youth based on the principles of respect and self-worth. As a result, motivating them to return home with a fundamental shift in beliefs, attitudes and behaviors regarding abusive and criminal activities. Our treatment approach utilizes Cognitive Behavioral therapy and interventions to aid the youth we serve in their efforts to develop the skills necessary to successfully manage their environment. These interventions are presented daily to our youth, during multiple individual, group and family interactions

Family Interventions

The West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility requires the parents/guardians to participate in a minimum of 10 family sessions. The West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Center promotes the involvement in the offender's rehabilitation, in order to promote change, growth and support within the family unit.

Families are also encouraged to participate in visitation with their child at the facility. The rehabilitation center provides two days during the week for parents/family to visit and they are allowed to visit for 55 minutes. Youth are also given the opportunity to participate in multiple off ground visitations as granted by his court and outlined in his individual treatment plan. This is accomplished prior to his release from the program to aid in his transition back into his home and community