Child Support Enforcement Agency

The Miami County Child Support Enforcement Agency is dedicated to serve the families in our community by providing quality child support services. The CSEA recognizes a child’s right to be supported by both parents, and that a child benefits most when parents work together to provide for their child’s emotional and financial needs.

What CSEA Can Do

  • Establish Paternity
  • Establish Child Support, Cash Medical Support and Health Insurance Orders
  • Enforce Child Support, Cash Medical Support and Health Insurance Orders
  • Locate Non-Custodial Parents
  • Review and Adjust Support Orders
  • Terminate Support Orders
  • Provide Interstate Services

What CSEA Cannot Do

  • Assist with issues regarding visitation and/or custody
  • Offer Legal Advice
  • Provide legal representation for either party at court hearings. The CSEA attorney represents the interest of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
  • Give credit for direct payments made to the custodial parent that are not made through the CSEA. By law, direct payments are considered a gift.
  • Verify how child support payments are spent by the custodial parent
  • Use current income of a spouse or live-in boyfriend/girlfriend to calculate child support obligation
  • Discuss a case with a person other than the custodial or non-custodial parent without written consent to release case-specific information to another party