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Household Hazardous Waste and Paint Disposal
Household Hazardous Waste

In 2017, Household Hazardous Waste disposal will be available at the Transfer Station every Wednesday, from 9 am to 1 pm, from April through September.

The cost to dispose of material through this program is $1 per pound. 

What about latex paint?
Latex paint is not hazardous waste, latex paint can be accepted any time during regular business hours at the Miami County Sanitary Engineering Transfer Station.

Residents (no business) can bring up (15) gallon of latex paint per day and charged the regular tipping fee with the minim charge of $5.00.

Why should I properly dispose of hazardous products?
  • Household hazardous products pose a threat when improperly disposed of.
  • The average home contains 60 to 100 pounds of hazardous chemicals
  • Throwing away hazardous waste in your garbage can cause injury to your waste collector.
  • Dumping hazardous waste down the drain interferes with the wastewater treatment process.

How to transport Household Hazardous Waste
Proper handling and transporting of hazardous waste can reduce the possibility of accidental spills.
  • Bring materials securely packed in sturdy containers such as cardboard boxes or plastic totes.
  • Garbage bags are not considered an acceptable container. Materials in garbage bags tip over, leak and mix together causing the release of toxic vapors.
  • Materials in garbage bags will not be permitted to be off-loaded from customer’s vehicles.
  • Never mix chemicals together
  • Keep products in original containers and make sure all caps and/or lids are securely closed.
  • If the original container is leaking or damaged, place the entire container in a larger container such as a clean paint can or plastic bucket.
  • Label products that are not in original container.
  • Protect glass containers by surrounding them with newspaper or packing materials inside a cardboard box or tote, to eliminate breakage.
  • Place mercury containing devices in a sealable plastic baggie.

Do not transport hazardous waste in the same part of your vehicle with your children or pets. Place materials in the trunk or in the rear of your vehicle. Place a piece of plastic or some type of protective barrier down before loading materials into you vehicle for easier cleanup shall a spill occur.  

Some examples of hazardous materials include:




Acid-Based Cleaners



Adhesive Remover

Insect Spray




Pool Chemicals

Ammonia-Based Cleaners

Lighter Fluid


Auto Fluids

Lead Based Paint


Concrete Cleaners


Spray Paint

Contact Cement

Metal Polish


Corrosive Cleaners

Paint Thinner



Oil-Based Paint




Weed Killer