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Recycling Tips

What can be recycled?

Check with your hauler or municipality to find out about your curbside recycling program. Below are common items that can go in your recycling bin! You can also bring them to the Miami County Recycling Center if your jurisdiction does not offer curbside recycling.

  • Aluminum cans
  • Glass bottles and food containers
  • Mixed paper:
    • Cereal boxes, tissue boxes and shoe boxes - flatten and remove any plastic liners from boxes
    • Magazines, catalogs and old mail - including window envelopes
    • Computer and notebook paper
    • Greeting cards, holiday wrapping paper
    • Phone books

  • Newspaper
  • Plastics: Plastics #1 and #2 are accepted at the Miami County Recycling Center, and by most haulers. Check with your hauler to find out more about plastic recycling.
  • Tin or steel cans